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  • Трек: When I'm With You You Are Safe
  • Исполнитель (артист): Major Label
  • Длительность 3:50
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • 3:53
    Biopsychos with Svetlana AvramovaYou Are Forward, I'm Backward
  • 3:44
    Galantis Think I can fly, Think I can fly when I'm with you, My arms are wide, Catching fire as the wind blows. I know that I'm rich enough for pride, I see a billion dollars in your eyes, Even if we're strangers ‘til we die, I wanna run away,Runaway (U&I)
  • 3:02
    Lost FrequenciesAre You With Me →M's
  • 3:48
    Sixx A.M.Are You With Me Now
  • 3:45
    TrentemollerGood morning. Are you alone today? I'm burning, сan I call you later and say? I will wait for you, even though you're with another girl. And so am I.
  • 3:56
    Sixx:A.M.Are You With Me Now (Live at RGG)
  • 3:33
    We Are TreesWhen I'm With You
  • 3:31
    Marlon Roudette If love was a word I don't understand The simplest sound With four letters Whatever it was I'm over it now With eyer day It gets better, it gets better Are you loving the pain, loving the pain And with every day, every
  • 6:53
    |̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅ Lover's cry and hot...I belong to you...fire from my heart burning just for u..u are far away,i'm in love with u,feeling are so high.. what can i do?!
  • 3:43
    I don't know who you are, but I…I'm with you.....
  • 4:55
    Creed - My SacrificeWhen you are with me, I'm free I'm careless, I believe Above all the others, we'll fly This brings tears to my eyes My sacrifice I just want to say hello again I just want to say hello again
  • 3:31
    Maks Barskih - Lost In LoveSomebody tell me I can't explain Why are you here in Falling rain Why are you with me But you're not mine Why do we waist our time And I felt on a cold hard ground Never feel the way like this With the answer cannot find I’m not deserving tears te
  • 10:47
    Randy Garcia & Ruben Moran PreI'm In Extasy -----Music embraces me, I'm dancing and you're next to me I'm seeing the lights of the sunrise, I'm feeling so good. My m ind is flying, my heart and my soul are so free. I'm so excited and I want to share it with you
  • 3:24
    ♥Robert M feat. NiccoSo sue us, whatcha gonna do with us Just sue us, whatcha gonna get Well nothin, cause all of us are flat broke Go ahead and try to do all you can do to sue...♥
  • 4:09
    James BluntYou are beautiful =)My life is brilliant. My love is pure. I saw an angel. Of that I'm sure. She smiled at me on the subway. She was with another man. But I won't lose no sleep on that, 'Cause I've got a plan. You're beautiful.
  • 2:26
    ......................Things are so different now you're gone I thought it'd be easy I was wrong And now I'm caught And now, I'm caught in the middle Even though I'm with someone new All I can think about is you.......
  • 4:54
    CreedMy Sacrifice Hello my friend, we meet again It's been awhile, where should we begin? Feels like forever Within my heart a memory A perfect love that you gave to me Oh, I remember When you are with me I'm free I'm careless, I believe
  • 3:02
    Kempel & Al BittyWhen we are so close and our lips are barely touching I'm losing control because I love you babe so much And all I think about is to be with you girl forever
  • 4:21
    April DivineWhen you are going down I follow you. You drag me down with you I’m trying...to care, to lie, to leave my life for a lullaby. That you have made for me to sing/live.
  • 4:38
    • Evanescence• You ♡...When we're together I feel perfect When I'm pulled away from you I fall apart All you say is sacred to me Your eyes are so blue, I can't look away..I believe in you... I'll give up everything just to find you... I have to be with you to li
  • 3:43
    Shayne Ward♪ ..•●♫♫i just want to be with you...Hey, baby, when we are together,Doing things that we love,Every time,you're near I feel ,Like I'm on heaven ,Feeling high,I don't want,to let go, girl,I just need you to know, girl
  • 0:26
    Sixx:A.M.Are You With Me Now (Snippet)
  • 3:43
    Isn't anyone trying to find me? Won't somebody come take me home It's a damn cold night Trying to figure out this life Wont you take me by the hand take me somewhere new I don't know who you are but I... I'm with you
  • 3:40
    Alex BandAngel ... you are my dream, Take my hand, I'm with you ...
  • 3:22
    GarouYou And I (Home's not a house with windows and walls, Not a place to be shut in, There are no doors And no matter where I come to rest Your arms will be my safety net, That's when I'm home )
  • 3:11
    Danger Mouse And Sparklehorse Every time I'm with you I am drunk and you are too
  • 3:40
    ๑۩۩๑Richard Marx & Donna LewisLife is the road (OST Анастасия) (We were strangers, starting out on a journey Never dreaming, what we'd have to go through Now here we are, I'm suddenly standing At the beginning with you..)
  • 3:25
    DisturbedWarrior/Come on bring it Don’t sing it Better believe it Broken down till your hope has died Beat down till victory’s mine Stand up and show me some pride And now, are you ready? Chorus: I’m the one with the warrior inside My dominance can’t be denied
  • 2:55
  • 4:20
    Pink - Lonely Girl (with Linda Perry)Do you even know who you are? I'm still tryin' to find A borrowed dream or a superstar? Everybody wants to be Is life good to you or is it bad? I can't tell anymore Do you even know what you have?
  • 2:58
    DJ SkydreamerYou Are Not Alone I'm With You
  • 3:44
    Group 1 Crewthough I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
  • 3:43
    04 Avril LavigneI'm With You(she say and i say that i am with you all my life because you are my life and i will be just for you...
  • 4:08
    ♥ Она красиво плачет ♥ .... - I let you go, that was lucky you are! Outside, the rain and the passers-by, and do not believe any more that I'm not with you ... I am a lone wolf standing at the window, and in the eyes of emptiness, they fill with tequila, I remained sil
  • 4:09
    Sixx: a.m.Are you with me now
  • 3:36
    Dead By April - "My Saviour"So there you were. Alone with those ablazing eyes. Like an angel brought to life. You have my destiny... I’m free. You are my saviour. I’m free. You are my guiding star. All I need is you...
  • 3:41
    ♥♥♥with you i'm safe and sound never fear of falling down because you catch me now these times are lost and out of bounds and you calm me down you take me to solid ground you always catch me now with you i'm never lost, i'm always found
  • 3:41
    Avril LavigneIt's a damn cold night ,Trying to figure out this life ,Wont you take me by the hand take me somewhere new,I dont know who you are but I... I'm with you
  • 2:32
    Lost FrequenciesAre You With M
  • 3:11
    Danger Mouse and SparklehorseEverytime i'm with you i am drunk and you are too
  • 3:40
    Dima Bilan-ChangesI’m going through changes All the things I’ve had are new That I wanna hear with you feel wrong And you know what’s strangest? I think you feel the same Don’t let guilt make you stay, it’s ok Cause everything changes, changes, changes
  • 3:29
    Дима БиланChanges Change.'m going through changes All the things I've had are new That I wanna hear with you, feel wrong And you know want's strangest? I think you feel the same Don’t let guilt make you stay, it’s okay Cause everything changes, ch
  • 2:31
    Lost FrequenciesAre You With Me (Radio Edit) M R
  • 3:11
    We Are LeoI'm With You
  • 3:24
    Hollywood UndeadCan't stop, I need some help Fuck you, I'm by myself Is it the truth or lie? It's what you can't deny Cause it's the way you think Mixed with the pills and drink Brought back to the way you are Float up till you're close t
  • 4:42
    ®♫®♪®R.I.M.A.S®♫®♪®Lost FrequenciesAre You With Me (Dimaro Remix)
  • 2:22
    ╬£ᵰηď őғ mữšᎥ₡╬➪Are You With Me
  • 3:01
    Lost Frequencies Are You With M